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Admisión, riqueza y mérito: U de Stanford – USA

Is Stanford Letting In Too Many Wealthy Students? Stanford’s faculty votes for new policies designed to de-emphasize wealth, which isn’t an official criteria for admission. Will the approach work? By Scott Jaschik February 16, 2021 STANFORD UNIVERSITY When The New York Tim
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Doctorados en ciencias sociales y humanidades de EEUU reducen la admisión de nuevos alumnos

More Doctoral Programs Suspend Admissions. That Could Have Lasting Effects on Graduate Education. By Megan Zahneis SEPTEMBER 28, 2020 All five of Rice U.’s humanities doctoral programs will suspend admissions for one year. Updated (1/4/2021, 12:00 p.m.) with additions to our lis
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¿Qué espera la educación superior de la presidencia Biden?

Higher Ed Under Biden: Live Updates JANUARY 20, 2021 ANDREW HARNIK, AFP, GETTY IMAGES Joseph R. Biden Jr. is sworn in as the 46th U.S. president. In his first weeks in office, President Biden has promised to reverse several Trump-administration policies and introduce new measures to d
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