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Admisión a las universidades: perspectiva internacional

University admissions: which system is the fairest?  Standardised test scores, interviews, entrance exams, choosing the top percentage of applicants: all are used in university admissions. Ellie Bothwell asks which methods provide the most honest reflection of suitability for higher e
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Investigación en ciencias ecológicas en chile y su financiamiento

jscientometres-7-3-189 Journal of Scientometric Res. 2018; 7(3):189-193 Research Article Journal of Scientometric Research, Vol 7, Issue 3, Sep-Dec 2018 189 The Paradox of Enrichment in Chile’s Ecological  Science Funding Jaime R. Rau1, Fabián M. Jaksic2 1Labora
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Is US higher education in crisis?, Steven Brint

Is US higher education in crisis? Many observers perceive US higher education to be in trouble. They’re missing the big picture, says Steven Brint January 3, 2019 By Steven Brint Even those who are not immersed in the world of higher education are familiar with the litany of challenge
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