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Izquierda y antielitismo en el laborismo británico

What Labour’s left populism could mean for universities Corbyn’s speech on setting ‘the people’ before ‘the privileged’ expressed a mood of anti-elitism already feeding through into education policy, writes John Morgan By John Morgan, September 25, 2019 Source: Getty One of the core a
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Medir la experiencia de los estudiantes

An Author of ‘Academically Adrift’ Strikes Again Last week Richard Arum, a co-author of the influential book “Academically Adrift,” unveiled an effort to measure the complexity of learning inside the classroom. The kickoff event took place at the U. of California at Irvine. By Goldie
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La industria, Boeing y el currículo de las ingenierías

The Boeing Blueprint What happens when a corporate giant sets its sights on higher education By LINDSAY ELLIS September 26, 2019 Seattle John McMasters didn’t mince words. It was 1991, and the principal Boeing engineer had become frustrated by the company’s new hires. When they worked
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