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¿El fin de las universidades?

¿El fin de las universidades? Muchos se preguntan si ha llegado el fin de las universidades o, por lo menos, del modelo de provisión de educación superior tras la irrupción de las nuevas tecnologías digitales. Otto Granados es presidente del Consejo Asesor de la OEI. Previamente fue s
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Académicos y el uso intensivo del mail

THE CHRONICLE REVIEW Is Email Making Professors Stupid? It used to simplify crucial tasks. Now it’s strangling scholars’ ability to think  By CAL NEWPORT Donald Knuth is one of the world’s most famous living computer scientists. He’s known for his pioneering efforts to bring rigorous
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Universidade, culturas, valores: Alex Usher

View as Webpage Universities and Universal Values   January 7th, 2019 – Alex Usher Morning all. Happy New Year. Welcome back. I’m in Southeast Asia this week taking in some sights. Travel in Asia always makes me think a lot about the ways in which different parts of the world co
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