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En la huella de famoso libro de Allan Bloom “The Closing of the American Mind”

How to Reopen the American Mind In the midst of an existential crisis for higher education, is it even reasonable to expect the humanities to survive? By Jon Baskin and Anastasia Berg, Oct. 22, 2020 This fall, as college students filter hesitantly into socially distanced classrooms or
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A Usher: Ayudas estudiantiles en Nueva Zelanda y Dinamarca

TWO QUICK INTERNATIONAL STUDENT AID UPDATES OCTOBER 15, 2020 | ALEX USHER From Denmark and New Zealand, we have some very interesting policy developments to review. Let’s start down south, where Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Party seems to be cruising to a massive electoral victory in next
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Amenazas a la libertad académica

Are corporate overreach and political correctness really undermining academic freedom? Neoliberal administrators’ policing of institutional reputations and academic colleagues’ condemnation of dissenting voices on issues such as race and gender have led to claims that scholars are los
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