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OECD: Educación media técnico profesional (EMTP)

Why vocational education matters more than you might think Posted: 05 Apr 2019 05:42 AM PDT By Giovanni Maria Semeraro Statistician, OECD Directorate for Education and Skills Photo credit: Helloquence/Unsplash Vocational education has not always had the best reputation. Vocational pro
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Graduados según regiones del mundo y países en el futuro

educationtoday blog Where will tomorrow’s graduates come from? Posted: 24 May 2018 03:07 AM PDT By Marie-Helene Doumet Senior Analyst, Directorate for Education and Skills Knowledge has become the new currency of today’s economy. Digitalisation, technological innovation and glob
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El futuro del trabajo y un interesante informe de McKinsey

Computers jump to the Head of the class Michael Fitzpatrick, The New York Times, 29.12.2013 TOKYO — If a computer could ace the entrance exam for a top university, what would that mean for mere mortals with average intellects? This is a question that has bothered Noriko Arai, a mathem
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