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OECD: Educación media técnico profesional (EMTP)

Why vocational education matters more than you might think Posted: 05 Apr 2019 05:42 AM PDT By Giovanni Maria Semeraro Statistician, OECD Directorate for Education and Skills Photo credit: Helloquence/Unsplash Vocational education has not always had the best reputation. Vocational pro
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Cyberbullying en la PUC

Study explores cyberbullying in a leading university María Elena Hurtado  21 March 2019 Forty-six per cent of first-degree students from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (PUC) have done or witnessed cyberbullying, according to Chile’s first study on cyberbullying in univers
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Académicos y el uso intensivo del mail

THE CHRONICLE REVIEW Is Email Making Professors Stupid? It used to simplify crucial tasks. Now it’s strangling scholars’ ability to think  By CAL NEWPORT Donald Knuth is one of the world’s most famous living computer scientists. He’s known for his pioneering efforts to bring rigorous
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