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Alex Usher: Sobre gratuidad (2)

Tuition: Walking and Chewing Gum Simultaneously October 19th, 2017 – Alex Usher Since we’re talking tuition this week, I thought I’d take an opportunity to tee off on one of the weakest arguments out there on this subject.  You know, the one that goes like this:    
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Alex Usher sobre gratuidad

Why the American Tuition Debate is Different (redux) October 18th, 2017 – Alex Usher As many of you know, I’ve been around the block a few times around the issue of “free tuition” (see here here here and here for a few examples if you’re interested/have f
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Profesión del docente universitario: desarrollo profesional e investigación

Ponencia sobre “Profesión del docente universitario: desarrollo profesional e investigación” en la Universidad de Las Américas, Facultad de Educación, con ocasión del Dia del Profesor, 17 de octubre de 2017 Bajar la Presentación aquí
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