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Alex Usher sobre Holanda y su notable sistema de educación superior. ¿al límite del cansancio?

FALL 2020 INTERNATIONAL ROUND-UP: NETHERLANDS SEPTEMBER 24, 2020 | ALEX USHER Here’s a headline you don’t see every day: “Dutch aim to Stop Academics Working at Weekends”.  I hope Times Higher Education won’t mind me filching the opening paragraph, which is something: Academics should
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Covid-19: Resu`pestas a un cuestionario global de THE

Covid-19: less than 1 in 4 staff feel safe returning to campus Global survey conducted by THE reveals concerns that reopening universities could drive spikes in infections and that financial concerns are being prioritised over well-being September 17, 2020 Anna McKie Paul Basken Twitt
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MJ Lemaitre: Educación superior requiere más flexibilidad

Columna, septiembre 2020 La educación superior requiere más flexibilidad y responder a las nuevas demandas María José Lemaitre Directora ejecutiva CINDA Past President de AEQUALIS En materia de educación superior, la pandemia no ha cambiado en nada el desafío de trabajar de manera con
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