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El plan estratégico de las universidades: un debate

What is the point of a strategic plan? Formulating and implementing a strategic plan is core to the modern university leader’s job description. But amid complaints that such documents are vacuous, generic and irrelevant to the wider community, John Ross asks how the process can be imp
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Capital privado en educación superior (A. Usher, II)

View as Webpage Private Capital in Higher Education (Part 2) June 18th, 2019 – Alex Usher To really understand universities, you need to understand their cost structure. And to understand their cost structure, you need to understand that unlike businesses, they keep score not by
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Reporte sobre educación superior en Gran Bretaña

That Augar Report May 31st, 2019 – Alex Usher If you pay attention to UK higher education, you will know that yesterday the long-awaited Augar Report (technically, the Post-18 Review of Education and Funding: Independent Panel Report, but its usually named after its chair, Phili
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