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Revista Higher Education disponible

We are pleased to deliver your requested table of contents alert for Higher Education. Volume 77 Number 6 is now available online. In this issue Neither “local” nor “global”: Chinese university students’ identity paradoxes in the internationalization of higher education Rui Yuan, Sife
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Micro credenciales

Microcredentials June 6th, 2019 – Alex Usher One of the big buzzwords in higher education these days is “microcredentials”. Because this term means so many things to different people, it is worth unpacking this term a bit. One of the biggest challenges we have as a country is ke
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Reforma del currículo: realidad e ilusión

Columnistas Domingo 02 de junio de 2019 Reforma del currículo: realidad e ilusión “En la práctica, este cambio curricular introduce dos novedades, aunque por el momento solo en el papel. La tensión entre ambas deriva en una encrucijada que es necesario dilucidar”. José Joa
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