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Visión de la universidad desde Malasia

Academic ‘conveyer belt’ approach dehumanises education Mark Paterson and Thierry Luescher  17 March 2022 Building on the present historical moment when ‘distortions’ in the worldview promoted in the West have increasingly come under question in the context of the Black Lives Matter m
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Ciencia y política

Science elite ‘wrongly believes it can solve political problems’ Holberg Prize winner Sheila Jasanoff says policy implications of technological progress deserve far greater study March 21, 2022 Paul Basken Twitter: @pbasken In the four decades that Sheila Jasanoff has been urging more
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Universidades y el Día de la Mujer

SPECIAL EDITION Gender equality has come a long way since International Women’s Day was founded 111 years ago. In many ways, universities have been a positive force in this journey. But there is still far to go. Our new data-led report marking International Women’s Day 2022, Gender Eq
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