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La idea y práctica de una ciencia ciudadana

Citizen science makes breakthrough post-pandemic Equity challenges loom, but solidifying evidence of value brings academic stature to science of partnering with the public November 19, 2021 Paul Basken After a decade of steady growth in the concept of citizen science, several US unive
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Financiamiento según empleabilidad de los graduados

Should graduate employment data be used to decide course funding? Amid concern on graduate employment in Westminster and across West, looking at funding systems that put labour market demand at centre is instructive November 18, 2021 John Morgan By the numbers? Some say tying funding
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Huelgas a la vista en educación superior de Inglaterra

UK universities and colleges face three days of strikes in December Staff at 58 institutions voted to strike over pay and conditions and to stop cuts to pensions Richard Adams Education editor Tue 16 Nov 2021 17.51 GMT Campuses will be hit by strikes at the start of next month and the
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