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¿Apoyar instituciones o estudiantes?

Supporting Students or Institutions? Alex USHER February 13th, 2018 – Alex Usher  Over the last few years I have noted a significant trend in provincial government spending across Canada, one which we termed “feed the student, starve the schools“.  Basically, governm
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Usher sobre internacionalización de la educación superior

The End of Internationalization? March 2nd, 2018 – Alex Usher Some of you may have seen an article earlier this week from Phil Altbach and Hans De Wit (the former and current Directors of the Centre for Higher Education at Boston College).  Do read the whole thing, but in brief,
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Encuesta a presidentes IES de los EEUU

Leading in Turbulent Times: A Survey of Presidents By Doug Lederman March 9, 2018 Public confidence in higher education is waning — and institutions’ leaders don’t seem terrifically cocky themselves, Inside Higher Ed’s new Survey of College and University Presidents reveals. Abo
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