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Humanidades y STEM

Long Reads Mind Over STEM Aug 30, 2019 NICHOLAS AGAR With universities around the world cutting liberal-arts programs and even eliminating entire majors such as history, there is every reason to worry about the fate of the humanities. In an era of deepening technological determinism,
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Formación en políticas públicas

Don’t Blame Economics, Blame Public Policy Sep 1, 2019 RICARDO HAUSMANN Engineering and medicine have in many respects become separate from their respective underlying sciences of physics and biology. Public-policy schools, which typically have a strong economics focus, must now rethi
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Academia ultra rápida, profesores lentos

The ‘slow professor’ could bring back creativity to our universities August 25, 2019 7.31am EDT Author Julien Lefort-Favreau Assistant Professor, French Studies, Queen’s University, Ontario Disclosure statement Julien Lefort-Favreau has received funding from the Social Sciences
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