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Papers científicos, ¿hasta cuándo?

The big idea: should we get rid of the scientific paper? As a format it’s slow, encourages hype, and is difficult to correct. A radical overhaul of publishing could make science better Stuart Ritchie Mon 11 Apr 2022 12.30 BST When was the last time you saw a scientific paper? A physic
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Intereses corporativos y universidades en USA

Are corporate interests taking over US higher education?  Just as campaigns to promote societal benefit show strength, activists admit setbacks in wider battleground for basic academic freedom Paul Basken,May 5, 2022 Confrontations over corporate interference are erupting at a series
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Ranking THE universidades según impacto 2022

Expanded impact rankings reflect rising interest in SDGs UWN reporter  30 April 2022 A record 1,524 institutions from 110 countries or regions have participated in the Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings this year, a 23% increase since last year, reflecting the growing import
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