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Recortas aranceles, sus efectos en Inglaterra q

Cutting tuition fees will turn universities into vassals of the state Simon Jenkins, The Guardia, 10 January, 2019 Lowering the cost of degrees will devastate university budgets. The state will bail them out – in exchange for more control Struggling UK universities warn staff of possi
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Ciencia y Humanidades

The New Science Wars Radical differences in the humanities and sciences haven’t gone away — they’ve intensified By Steven Klein DECEMBER 16, 2018 PREMIUM The relationship between the humanities and the sciences, including some quarters of the social sciences, has become strained, to p
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Investigación en ciencias ecológicas en chile y su financiamiento

jscientometres-7-3-189 Journal of Scientometric Res. 2018; 7(3):189-193 Research Article Journal of Scientometric Research, Vol 7, Issue 3, Sep-Dec 2018 189 The Paradox of Enrichment in Chile’s Ecological  Science Funding Jaime R. Rau1, Fabián M. Jaksic2 1Labora
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