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Nueva ley de educación superior, Inglaterra

Be it enacted: The Higher Education and Research Act (2017) AUTHOR Wonkhe Ltd David Morris dgmorris295 David is Deputy Editor of Wonkhe. PUBLISHED Apr 27th 2017 Now with a bang, but with a quietly murmured “content”. The Higher Education and Research Act (2017), as of five minutes pas
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Debate en Inglaterra sobre nueva reforma a la educación superior

Higher education Lords revolt over plans for ‘free-market’ universities Labour and Lib Dems unite to halt bill that would make it easier for new profit-making colleges to become universities There is concern at plans for ‘a shot of entrepreneurial vim’ at Britain’s universities. There
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Reino Unido: Reformas en curso a la educación superior

HE Bill passes second reading as Greening makes case for reforms New education secretary praises moves to open up sector to new providers, but majority allowing bill to next stage is only 36 July 19, 2016 By Jack Grove Twitter: @jgro_the Source: Alamy Major reforms to higher education
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