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Alex Usher sobre capital privado en la educación superior

View as Webpage Private Capital in Higher Education (Part I)   June 18th, 2019 – Alex Usher When you think about it, higher education is one of the greatest businesses in the world. It’s a guaranteed and growing market – as economies develop, people want more of it. And people a
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La tiranía de las métricas

The Tyranny of Metrics The quest to quantify everything undermines higher education By Jerry Z. Muller JANUARY 21, 2018 PREMIUM Tim Foley, for The Chronicle Review Acultural pattern has become ubiquitous in recent decades, engulfing an ever-widening range of institutions. Now it has c
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Redes sociales académicas, ¿feria de vanidades?

How Social Media Imperils Scholarship It plays on our vanity and reduces research to a popularity contest. By JUSTIN E.H. SMITH June 2, 2019 If you tell me you have never Googled yourself, I will presume you are lying. Some months ago, I engaged in a periodic exercise of this new sort
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