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Críticas en torno a la disciplina de la economía

What Critics of Economics Get Wrong Bashing the field is commonplace — but few are doing it for the right reasons. By Diane Coyle, professor of public policy at the University of Cambridge. OCTOBER 5, 2021 Economics comes in for plenty of criticism: Economists assume people are unvary
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Sobre The Chair, serie Netflix sobre académicos de una tribu de las humanidades

The Chair: is Netflix show too painful for academics to watch? Scholars offer a range of views on the popular and much-anticipated Netflix series September 7, 2021 Matthew Reisz Source: Eliza Morse / ©Netflix / Alamy When Netflix last year announced a new university-based “dramedy” se
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¿Humanidades versus STEM?

Nicholas Dirks: the ‘two cultures’ must finally be reconciled Resistance to the knowledge generated by science will only be overcome with the help of the humanities. But what can universities do to bridge C. P. Snow’s famous divide between these fields, which endures to this day? Augu
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