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Las humanidades y las tecnologías

The liberal arts can counteract polarisation – but there are caveats Higher education must double down on the liberal education values of interdisciplinarity, experiential learning and critical thinking, says Eric Skipper January 13, 2022 Eric Skipper Covid-19, true to its reputation
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Australia: Ética proyectos de humanidades

Australian scientists join outcry over humanities research veto  Leading scholars from Australian universities have joined scientific bodies to demand reversal of pre-election veto of humanities grants Jack Grove, January 10, 2022 Dozens of Australia’s leading scientists have added th
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Críticas en torno a la disciplina de la economía

What Critics of Economics Get Wrong Bashing the field is commonplace — but few are doing it for the right reasons. By Diane Coyle, professor of public policy at the University of Cambridge. OCTOBER 5, 2021 Economics comes in for plenty of criticism: Economists assume people are unvary
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