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Holanda: Una experiencia de reapertura de las universidades

Will Dutch campuses’ partial reopening offer a full student experience? The Netherlands’ cautious, common approach to teaching during the pandemic contrasts with the full reopenings planned by many UK and US universities. But what will students get out of it? And is even 20 per cent c
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Alex Usher sobre Holanda y su notable sistema de educación superior. ¿al límite del cansancio?

FALL 2020 INTERNATIONAL ROUND-UP: NETHERLANDS SEPTEMBER 24, 2020 | ALEX USHER Here’s a headline you don’t see every day: “Dutch aim to Stop Academics Working at Weekends”.  I hope Times Higher Education won’t mind me filching the opening paragraph, which is something: Academics should
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Tres viñetas sobre reforma de la educación superior en Holanda

Dutch consider breaking university selection ‘taboo’ The country’s increasingly similar universities also need to be forced to specialise, argues government advisory body June 26, 2019 By David Matthew The Netherlands is mulling bringing in widespread student selection, breaking a cul
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