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Aranceles y universidad pública en Brasil

View this email in your browser Cobrança de mensalidades e privatização das Universidades Públicas By Simon on Nov 18, 2018 02:26 pm Entrevista para o jornal Gazeta do Povo,  publicada em 29/08/2018 O tema da cobrança de mensalidades nas Instituições de Ensino Superior (IES) públicas
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Empleabilidad de graduados en USA

Young Americans need to be taught skills, not handed credentials | Financial Times 1/4 Rana Foroohar, 11/11/2018 I cannot think of a market that is more dysfunctional in America right now than education. Total student deb
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Educación superior en la India (2)

Update from India: The National Institutional Ranking Framework   November 13th, 2018 – Alex Usher Yesterday , I discussed the need to change culture in Indian universities to make them a bit more focused on output and less focused on the employment privileges of their faculty. 
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