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Reforma al financiamiento de universidades australianas

Piecemeal Australian reforms ‘could cost more than they save’ Lowering of student loan repayment threshold to recoup an extra A$20 million (£11.3 million) but cost A$19 million January 11, 2019 By John Ross Experts have warned that piecemeal reforms to Australian higher education, ost
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América Latina: educación y Economía

 Politics & Policy, aBloomberg Opinion Latin America Needs to Fix Its Education Deficit Investing more in human capital is the region’s best hope to escape the middle-income trap. By Shannon K O’Neil 9 de enero de 2019 13:00 GMT-3 In a recent interview, World Bank chief exec
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Continuidad entre educación temprana y primaria

blog Ireland is rethinking its curriculum for young children. Here’s what it can learn from other countries Posted: 11 Jan 2019 03:20 AM PST By Derek Grant, Claire Reidy and Arlene Forster National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA), Ireland Changes are on the horizon for st
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