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Centralizar o descentralizar: consideraciones de A. Usher

View as Webpage What’s in a Name? January 7th, 2021 – Alex Usher One of the constant tensions in University and College management is working out which services need to be delivered centrally and which can be decentralized and, if the latter, how they can be provided in a
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Entrevista: Las universidades deberán revisar a fondo su modelo de enseñanza

Miércoles 02 de diciembre de 2020 «Las universidades deberán revisar a fondo su modelo de enseñanza» A propósito de Aula Magna XXIV “Universidad en diálogo con el futuro”, conversamos con José Joaquín Brunner, académico de la Universidad Diego Portales de Chile, y director de la Cáted
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McKinsey: Juntas directivas de universidades – lecciones de EEUU

Shaping university boards for 21st century higher education in the US November 12, 2020 | Article By Frankki Bevins, Jonathan Law, Saurabh Sanghvi, and Rachel Valentino Many university boards have not revised their governance models in decades and struggle to deliver on their mission.
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