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La economía como disciplina: encrucijadas

 The Economists’ New Clothes? With economists struggling to derive credible explanations of macroeconomic conditions from the prevailing models, those who have long criticized the discipline for its scientific pretensions are feeling vindicated. And it remains to be seen whether
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Eric Posner, Libros recientes sobre meritocracia en USA

The Meritocracy Muddle Sep 13, 2019 ERIC POSNER Populist resentment against “elites” is a recurring feature of modern democracy, owing to the fact that popular sovereignty is at odds with the careful management of increasingly complex economies. But what causes public disc
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OCDE Panorama de la Educación 2019

By Marie-Hélène Doumet Senior Analyst, OECD Directorate for Education and Skills Education at a Glance report provides a comprehensive overview of education systems in OECD member and partner countries, including detailed indicators across all levels of education – with a focus on hig
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