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Nuevos paradigmas para la educación superior

New paradigm needed for future higher education – Michael Fung Nathan M Greenfield  19 May 2022 Dr Michael Fung, executive director of the Institute for the Future of Education at Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico, called on UNESCO’s World Higher Education Conference 2022 in Barcelon
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Involucramiento con la comunidad

Vinculación con el medio Measuring community engagement: The limitation of metrics Thomas Farnell  14 May 2022 Discussions about the societal impact of universities and their engagement with various societal actors are now commonplace around the world, notably in the United Kingdom, A
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Reconstrucción de universidades en Ucrania

How can Ukrainian universities be rebuilt? War’s destruction is a chance for Ukraine to create a better higher education system, but security and funding will test rebuilders May 19, 2022 Ben Upton   Source: iStock As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine nears its fourth month, much of t
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