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Ciencia y Humanidades

The New Science Wars Radical differences in the humanities and sciences haven’t gone away — they’ve intensified By Steven Klein DECEMBER 16, 2018 PREMIUM The relationship between the humanities and the sciences, including some quarters of the social sciences, has become strained, to p
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OECD: Publicaciones 2019

Key publications on education and skills coming up in 2019 Posted: 04 Jan 2019 07:08 AM PST By Andreas Schleicher Director, OECD Directorate for Education and Skills Our website: Revolution. Contained within that often frightening word is another, less destabili
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Investigación en ciencias ecológicas en chile y su financiamiento

jscientometres-7-3-189 Journal of Scientometric Res. 2018; 7(3):189-193 Research Article Journal of Scientometric Research, Vol 7, Issue 3, Sep-Dec 2018 189 The Paradox of Enrichment in Chile’s Ecological  Science Funding Jaime R. Rau1, Fabián M. Jaksic2 1Labora
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