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Docencia “externalizada” y “adoptada”: ¿Un tema para pensar en Chile y América Latina?

Outsourced Lectures Raise Concerns About Academic Freedom By Steve Kolowich, May 28, 2013   Students at Massachusetts Bay Community College this year got a rare opportunity to take a computer-science course designed and taught online by some of the top professors in the field. &n
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Escolarización no es educación

El colega Jeff Puryear nos informa que se ha dado a conocerel estudio titulado Schooling Is Not Education! Using Assessment to Change the Politics of Non-Learning, de Lant Pritchett and Rukmini Banerji, chairs, Charles Kenny, project director. A Report of the Center for Global Develop
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Qué podemos aprender del aprendizaje on line masivo

What Professors Can Learn From ‘Hard Core’ MOOC Students   By Jeffrey R. Young, The Chronicle of Higher Education, may 20, 2013   If people who sit at their computers for tens of hours each week zapping virtual monsters are hard-core gamers, then massive open onl
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