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Intereses corporativos y universidades en USA

Are corporate interests taking over US higher education?  Just as campaigns to promote societal benefit show strength, activists admit setbacks in wider battleground for basic academic freedom Paul Basken,May 5, 2022 Confrontations over corporate interference are erupting at a series
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Formulación nuevos estatutos de universidades estatales

¿En que está la formulación participativa de los nuevos estatutos de las universidades estatales? POR ADMINISTRADOR, 4 de mayo de 2022 Se vive por estos días el relevante e histórico proceso de formulación de los nuevos estatutos de las universidades estatales. La ley que dio pie a es
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Centralizar o descentralizar: consideraciones de A. Usher

View as Webpage What’s in a Name? January 7th, 2021 – Alex Usher One of the constant tensions in University and College management is working out which services need to be delivered centrally and which can be decentralized and, if the latter, how they can be provided in a
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