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Deserción en la educación superior: estado del arte

Research to improve retention Robert J. Sternberg One of the most serious problems facing colleges and universities today is that so many students leave before finishing their studies. When students drop out, it is bad for them because they lose huge future career and income potential
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España: reforma educacional sin consenso

Ley Wert’ con pies de barro Falta de consenso, problemas de financiación y competencias comprometen la reforma El Congreso aguarda un encendido debate J. A. AUNIÓN Madrid 10 FEB 2013 La reforma legal que impulsa el Ministerio de Educación ha salido trasquilada del proceso de consulta
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Comentario de A. Usher sobre desempleo de graduados

The Demand for PSE: Never as Simple as You Think Posted on February 11, 2013 by Alex Usher The New York Times website had a great little graphic the other day about youth unemployment rates in urban China.  It looked like this:  Unemployment in Urban China, 20-24 year-olds   For
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