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Estudios superiores en Corea del Norte

Is academic life in North Korea as strange and difficult as you think? Even universities in the hermit kingdom largely cut themselves off from the rest of the world. Yet those few Westerners with direct experience of them suggest that while critical inquiry is predictably unwelcome, t
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USA: Liderazgos universitarios

What’s Behind the Surge in No-Confidence Votes? By Megan Zahneis MAY 18, 2022 Anyone following higher-education news in recent weeks has probably noticed a lot of votes of no confidence. Faculty Senate bodies at three campuses in the University of Maine system voted no confidence in t
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Nuevos paradigmas para la educación superior

New paradigm needed for future higher education – Michael Fung Nathan M Greenfield  19 May 2022 Dr Michael Fung, executive director of the Institute for the Future of Education at Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico, called on UNESCO’s World Higher Education Conference 2022 in Barcelon
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