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Reformas futuras de la educación superior

Moving mountains: the reforms that would push academia to new heights  Until the pandemic forced teaching to go online almost overnight, universities were widely considered impervious to major change. But if one age-old practice can be flipped on its head, why not others? We ask six a
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Admisión, riqueza y mérito: U de Stanford – USA

Is Stanford Letting In Too Many Wealthy Students? Stanford’s faculty votes for new policies designed to de-emphasize wealth, which isn’t an official criteria for admission. Will the approach work? By Scott Jaschik February 16, 2021 STANFORD UNIVERSITY When The New York Tim
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¿Premio Nobel para las vacunes del COVID-19?

Is it too soon for a Nobel Prize for the Covid vaccine? mRNA pioneers, Oxford vaccine scientists and Bill Gates are potential contenders for science’s top prize February 10, 2021 Jack Grove It may seem absurdly early to think about scientific prizes for Covid medicines while a pandemi
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