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¿Hacia un CV narrativo para los investigadores?

Research intelligence: how to write a compelling narrative CV With ‘storytelling’ CVs becoming crucial in hiring and funding decisions, Jack Grove explores how academics can craft compelling research statements August 3, 2021 Jack Grove Securing a first-authored paper in Nature, Cell 
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Inglaterra: Financiamiento de las artes sigue en declinación

Funding cuts to go ahead for university arts courses in England despite opposition Education secretary Gavin Williamson says money will be put towards Stem and medicine courses The education secretary, Gavin Williamson. Arts groups have warned cuts would affect the viability of some c
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Promoción en la carrear académica

Opacity and double standards are infuriating, but the blessings of an academic career are present at all ranks July 14, 2021 Adrian Furnham Promotion in academia has always been a rather opaque process that elicits deep emotions – mostly negative.Not that promotion is any great prize.
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