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EEUU: escenarios de pesadilla para la educación superior

Higher Education’s Nightmare Scenario Finances are already strained — and yet public colleges await budget-busting cuts. By William R. Doyle OCTOBER 12, 2020 Public colleges face two crises: the impact of Covid-19 on their operations and a downturn in state funding brought on by the c
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Holanda: Una experiencia de reapertura de las universidades

Will Dutch campuses’ partial reopening offer a full student experience? The Netherlands’ cautious, common approach to teaching during the pandemic contrasts with the full reopenings planned by many UK and US universities. But what will students get out of it? And is even 20 per cent c
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Inglaterra: La polémica curricular en torno al capitalismo

Schools in England told not to use anti-capitalist material in teaching DfE categorises idea as ‘extreme political stance’ equating to endorsing illegal activity Mattha Busby Sun 27 Sep 2020 12.44 BST The government has ordered schools in England not to use resources from organisation
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