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EE. UU.: Puntos críticos de la educación superior

This Will Be One of the Worst Months in the History of Higher Education Layoffs, declarations of financial exigency, and closures are imminent. Here’s who’s most at risk. By Robert Kelchen JULY 07, 2020  PREMIUM Summer is usually a period of relative calm for most of American higher e
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Universidades frente a decisión de Trump de retirar visas a estudiantes extranjeros

Universities sue over the Trump administration’s plan to require in-person classes for foreign students. Harvard and M.I.T. said on Wednesday that they had filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration over a directive that would strip foreign students of their visas if their cours
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Regreso a clase en la educación superior en USA, ¿será posible?

Expecting Students to Play It Safe if Colleges Reopen Is a Fantasy Safety plans border on delusional and could lead to outbreaks of Covid-19 among students, faculty and staff. By Laurence Steinberg Dr. Steinberg is a professor of psychology at Temple University and the author of “Age
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