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Kenneth Rogoff: Universidades tras las cuarentenas

Will Universities Learn from Lockdowns? Jul 6, 2020KENNETH ROGOFF The COVID-19 crisis is likely to bring about further rapid and far-reaching shifts in the economic ground beneath us. But we need not view these changes with dread if the pandemic also propels a transition to better and
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La guerra política en torno a la apertura de los colegios en EE. UU.

Education Week’s blogs > Politics K-12See our Federal Policy coverage Betsy DeVos. Donald Trump. The Every Student Succeeds Act. Congress. State chiefs. School spending. Elections. Education Week reporters keep watch on education policy and politics in the nation’s capital an
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Estudiantes internacionales bajo presión en USA: la reacción de las universidades

As MIT and Harvard Sue, Colleges Scramble to Respond to New Federal Policy on International Students By Karin Fischer JULY 08, 2020 Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology sued the Trump administration to stop a new policy that would block international studen
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