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Brasil, educación Superior

As Universidades Brasileiras, a OCDE e o Processo de Bologna By Simon on Jul 12, 2019 07:52 am (Publicado no jornal O Estado de São Paulo, 12 de julho de 2019) O objetivo do ingresso do Brasil na Organização para a Cooperação Econômica e Desenvolvimento, OCDE, é fazer com que o país s
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Learning from what doesn’t work in teacher evaluation

Learning from what doesn’t work in teacher evaluation Kevin Close and Audrey Amrein-Beardsley  August 24, 201 When rethinking their teacher evaluation systems under ESSA, education leaders will do well to look to the past for guidance on what not to do — and what to do better. http://
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Evaluación de docentes: discusión en EEUU

This Teacher Evaluation Trend Was the Reform Du Jour. Now States Are Backing Away Florida stopped requiring districts to do it in 2017. The New Jersey Department of Education announced in August that it was reducing its reliance on the practice. And, 20 years after it was first introd
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