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Nuevo número del International Higher Education

Bajar la revista, incluida versión en castellano, aquí. Bajar la versión completa en PDF aquí. Dear Colleague:   We are pleased to send you the spring 2013 issue ofInternational Higher Education. This issue asks some fundamental questions about for-profit higher education. Articles al
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Educación superior por competencias

Rise of Customized Learning March 5, 2013 – 3:00am By Paul Fain The credit hour is still higher education’s gold standard, even after President Obama’s vague endorsement last month of competency-based education and its focus on “performance and results” rather than seat time. It
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Llamado a cambiar desde dentro la educación superior

Change From Within March 4, 2013 – 3:00am Paul Fain, Inside Higher Education, march 4, 2013 WASHINGTON – If higher education has a group of quintessential insiders, it’s probably the American Council on Education. Yet from a perch atop the higher education lobby’s headquarters h
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