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Deserción en la educación superior: estado del arte

Research to improve retention Robert J. Sternberg One of the most serious problems facing colleges and universities today is that so many students leave before finishing their studies. When students drop out, it is bad for them because they lose huge future career and income potential
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Por qué cae la demanda por la carrera de derecho en los EEUU

The Collapsing Demand for Law School Posted on February 8, 2013 by Alex Usher If there is one place bucking the worldwide trend of rising higher education enrolments, it’s American law schools. As the New York Times noted last week, demand for US law schools is down by something like
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    Documento de María José Ramírez, publicado en la  SABER working paper series, Tertiary Education, del Banco Mundial.   ©2012 The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development/TheWorldBank 1818HStreetNW Washington DC 20433 Telephone:
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