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Homenaje en recuerdo de Tom Wolfe

White Suit, Gray Eminence When I first encountered Tom Wolfe By Lawrence Biemiller MARCH 31, 2006 The exclamation points — how could I have forgotten the exclamation points? Two in the first two sentences, 10 on the third page, seven in a mere five lines on page 11. So many that they
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Trabajo académico bajo el managerialismo

Are You in a BS Job? In Academe, You’re Hardly Alone   Specta Films C.E.P.E.C., Les Films de Mon Oncle By David Graeber MAY 06, 2018 PREMIUM Iwould like to write about the bullshitization of academic life: that is, the degree to which those involved in teaching and academic manag
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IA en la educción superior

How A.I. Is Infiltrating Every Corner of the Campus In enrollment, advising, and campus facilities, the revolution is spreading fast By Lee Gardner APRIL 08, 2018  PREMIUMWhen Donald Markus Hogue first came to the University of Texas at Austin, in 2012, he spent eight hours a day moni
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