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Post Covid: ¿Oportunidad perdida?

US ‘risks missing out’ on long-term benefits of online learning Virtual tools have unprecedented power to bend teaching towards research-proven ideals, yet opportunity of lockdown getting squandered, MIT experts tell colleagues May 11, 2022 Paul Basken US universities appear to be los
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Intereses corporativos y universidades en USA

Are corporate interests taking over US higher education?  Just as campaigns to promote societal benefit show strength, activists admit setbacks in wider battleground for basic academic freedom Paul Basken,May 5, 2022 Confrontations over corporate interference are erupting at a series
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Más sobre esclavitud y U de Harvard: columna del Rector

Opinion: Here is a hard historical truth: Slavery powerfully shaped Harvard Opinion by Lawrence S. Bacow and Tomiko Brown-Nagin April 26, 2022 Lawrence S. Bacow is president of Harvard University. Tomiko Brown-Nagin is chair of the Presidential Initiative on Harvard and the Legacy of
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