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Cómo medir la deserción en la educación superior técnica

OPINION: When it comes to measuring community college success, graduation rates fall short Here’s the information we need to help underserved students take the next steps by KAREN STOUT March 6, 2018 Students, parents, policymakers and the public need good information to understand ho
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Debate sobre privatización de universidades estatales en EEUU

Should public universities privatize given state budget constraints? Patti Zarling, March 2, 2018 Dive Brief: The University of Pittsburgh has watched its state funding dwindle from covering 35% of operations in the 1970s to 7% in 2018, a trend not likely to change soon. This academic
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Sobre el valor de la educación superior

How to Sway Higher Ed’s Skeptics By Peter Salovey FEBRUARY 27, 2018 Many Americans today are skeptical about the value of higher education. Last summer, a study from the Pew Research Center found that only 55 percent of Americans say that colleges “have a positive effect on the
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