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Sobre el síndrome de la productividad visto desde las humanidades

The Productivity Syndrome (or why I stopped writing philosophy)  Mitchell Aboulafia is a professor of philosophy at Manhattan College. UP@NIGHT BLOG  You are at a conference, wandering around the book exhibit.  A former colleague walks up and greets you.  A few minutes into the conver
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Reforma al financiamiento de la educación terciaria en California

As California Goes? The biggest and perhaps least likely state to try performance funding will tie billions of dollars for community colleges to measures of student success, a plan faculty groups say will punish students and colleges. By Paul Fain June 12, 2018  With powerful faculty
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En defensa de las artes liberales

In Defense of the Liberal Arts Two groups issue joint statement on “increasingly threatened” disciplines and approaches. By Scott Jaschik June 1, 2018 2015 protest over cuts to liberal arts at College of St. Rose In an era when liberal arts programs are being eliminated or
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