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La admisión a universidades de elite en EEUU. ¿un escándalo?

The Abiding Scandal of College Admissions The process has become an intrusive and morally presumptuous inquisition of an applicant’s soul. By Matt Feeney, APRIL 16, 2021 This year, Harvard applications were up 43 percent from last year. At Yale, applicants were up 33 percent. At Duke,
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Educación y (des)igualdad

How education embedded inequality More education is not the solution to social inequality we think it is issue 94, 20th January 2021 Cristina Groeger | Historian of education and work in the modern United States and author of The Education Trap 1,537 words Read time: approx. 8 mins Mo
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Revista electrónica: International Higher Education

Spring Issue No. 106 (2021)     No. 106   Spring Issue 2021 00 No. 106 – Full issue Please click on the button below to download the full issue. DOI:// Spring Issue No. 106 (2021) No. 106 Spring Issue 2021 00 No. 106 – Full issue 01 Universities w
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