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International Higher Education: nuevo número

Our first issue of 2018 features an insightful selection of articles on internationalization—a key topic in this era of nationalism. Additional articles on the university presidency, trends in scientific communication, the new excellence initiative in France, the controversial teachin
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Sobre los doctorados en Canadá y países anglosajones

Cognitive Dissonance in Academia November 13th, 2017 – Alex Usher  On a pretty regular basis, some academic or other pens a piece in the popular press talking about overproduction of PhDs.  Take for example this 2015 Jonathan Wolff piece in the Guardian with a  piece entitled &#
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El costo y la riqueza de las universidades de los EEUU

How Rich Universities Get Richer … and leave everyone else behind By Charles T. Clotfelter OCTOBER 27, 2017  PREMIUM (Copyright © 2017 The Chronicle of Higher Education) Over the last 40 years, no one has proposed that the guiding purpose of higher education should be to aggravate ine
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