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Obsesión con los rankings entre universidades de USA

RANK AND PRIVILEGE Colleges Still Obsess Over National Rankings. For Proof, Look at Their Strategic Plans. By Francie Diep  and Nell Gluckman SEPTEMBER 13, 2021 Florida International University appears as a top-50 university on three lists. By 2025, it wants be on 10. On the Universit
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Rezagos que deja la pandemia en la educación escolar USA

COVID-19 and education: The lingering effects of unfinished learning July 27, 2021 | Article By Emma Dorn, Bryan Hancock, Jimmy Sarakatsannis, and Ellen Viruleg (c)  Article (15 pages) As this most disrupted of school years draws to a close, it is time to take stock of the impact of t
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USA: ¿Voluntariedad u obligación de la educación presencial?

By David Leonhardt Good morning. Many parents want to continue remote learning. It may not be so good for their children. A third-grade classroom at Witchcraft Heights Elementary School in Salem, Mass., in April.Cody O’Loughlin for The New York Times When school is voluntary Mor
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