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Alex Usher: Financiamiento de la educación superior

GLOBAL HIGHER EDUCATION’S POST-COVID FUTURE (1) SEPTEMBER 27, 2021 | ALEX USHER Back in July, I was kindly invited to a conference sponsored by the Perspektywy Foundation in Warsaw to give a talk about the future of global higher education after COVID.  Over this week, I want to recap
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Transformación de la educación superior en perspectiva

How to transform higher-education institutions for the long term March 9, 2021 | Article By Hamilton Boggs, Rachel Boroditsky, Charag Krishnan, and Jimmy Sarakatsannis As financial pressures on higher-education institutions compound, a transformation approach focused on five best prac
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Por una Educación Intercultural para el küme mogen (bien vivir)

Juan Mansilla, Decano Facultad de Educación UC Temuco Lorena Medina, Académica Facultad de Educación UC ¿La apuesta intercultural sin el mundo indígena? Por una Educación Intercultural para el küme mogen (bien vivir) La puesta en acto de la interculturalidad y de lo que culturalmente
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