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Libro reciente: Is College Merely Helping Those Who Need Help Least?

Is College Merely Helping Those Who Need Help Least? By Tara Westover THE YEARS THAT MATTER MOST How College Makes or Breaks Us By Paul Tough I am — to capitulate fully to the nomenclature — a “first gen,” meaning a first-generation college graduate. For me, as for many first gens, a
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El valor del pregrado: estudio en los EEUU

Assessing the Value of an Undergrad Degree A new study from Academically Adrift‘s co-author seeks to evaluate a broad range of student experiences and outcomes as well as new ways to measure learning. By Lilah Burke September 27, 2019 3 COMMENTS ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/SKYNESHER A broad
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Francia: ¿la reforma Macron de las grandes escuelas?

Will Macron’s move against his alma mater make France’s HE system fairer? France’s president responded to the gilets jaunesmovement with a surprise plan to abolish the grande école ENA, reigniting debate about the country’s intensely hierarchical higher education system. John Morgan e
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