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Coronavirus en los colegios: los efectos de la clausura en EEUU

The coronavirus double whammy: School closures, economic downturn could derail student learning, research shows By Matt Barnum , Chalkbeat,  March 24, 2019. The new coronavirus has closed schools for weeks, and in some places for the rest of the academic year. Thousands of parents hav
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La imaginación literaria de la pandemia

The Pandemic Imagination In the works of Camus and Thomas Mann, an outbreak reveals how dysfunctional society already was. By SIDDHARTHA DEB March 16, 2020 Subscribe Daniel Defoe, that indefatigable hack, published Journal of the Plague Year in 1722. Writing about the bubonic plague s
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Coronavirus y enseñanza superior en línea

The Coronavirus Has Pushed Courses Online. Professors Are Trying Hard to Keep Up. By Beth McMurtrie MARCH 20, 2020  PREMIUM Rebecca Barrett-Fox saw panic spreading across academe as colleges were shifting abruptly to remote teaching to stem the spread of the coronavirus. She felt she
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