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Directivos de universidades del mundo opinan sobre COVID-19

LEADERSHIP RESPONSES TO COVID-19 – A GLOBAL SURVEY OF COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY LEADERSHIP Executive Summary of the IAUP Survey carried out in conjunction with Santander Universidades, HACU, and other higher education associations. The full report with more extensive information will be
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Que pasa al inicio del nuevo semestre en EEUU

What Counts as Success in a COVID Semester With less than a month to Thanksgiving, some colleges are starting to tell their stories of how they’ve contained the virus — and they’re feeling pretty good about the results of their efforts.    By Elizabeth Redden No
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Financiamiento de la educación post-pandemia: perspectiva global

What Do Past Shocks Tell Us About the Choices We’ll Face After the Pandemic? A Series on Education Finance Post-COVID OCTOBER 13, 2020 Shelby Carvalho and Susannah Hares Follow While much of the education sector’s attention is focused on the effects of COVID-19 school closures on chil
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