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¿Anarquías organizadas?

Organised anarchy? UCL research supremo on steering science giant Outgoing vice-provost David Price reflects on changes during his 15-year tenure, plus how the REF and scholarly publishing should change May 31, 2022 Jack Grove “This is possibly the most enjoyable job in British higher
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Cómo la pandemia afectó a los estudiantes globalmente

Class attendance plummets post-Covid Global survey conducted by THE finds far fewer students turning up and engaging in lectures and seminars June 9, 2022 Tom Williams Student attendance and in-class participation remain at a far lower level compared with before the pandemic, accordin
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Publicaciones académicas: Números y ética

Academic publishing: Don’t let the number crunchers win Prasanta Kumar Panda  04 June 2022 Over the last four decades it has been considered routine for academics around the world to be expected to publish their research, although not many actually achieve it. Regulating authorities o
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