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USA: Estudiantes desconectados, no involucrados

A ‘Stunning’ Level of Student Disconnection Professors are reporting record numbers of students checked out, stressed out, and unsure of their future. By Beth McMurtrie, APRIL 5, 2022 In 20 years of teaching at Doane University, Kate Marley has never seen anything like it. Twenty to 3
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Equidad territorial: Juan Oyarzo Pérez, Rector Universidad de Magallanes

Equidad territorial Dr. Juan Oyarzo, el 11 de mayo de 2022 – 21:16 hrs. (Dr. Juan Oyarzo Pérez, Rector Universidad de Magallanes).- Esta semana, el Presidente de la República, Gabriel Boric Font, anunció que el Plan de Desarrollo de Zonas Extremas inaugurado por su par Michelle
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Post Covid: ¿Oportunidad perdida?

US ‘risks missing out’ on long-term benefits of online learning Virtual tools have unprecedented power to bend teaching towards research-proven ideals, yet opportunity of lockdown getting squandered, MIT experts tell colleagues May 11, 2022 Paul Basken US universities appear to be los
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