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Lucro y no-lucro en una universidad de los EEUU

UNITED STATES A monstrous muddle of no-profit and for-profit HE Liz Reisberg and Philip G Altbach, University World News, 12 May 2017 Issue No:459 Purdue University, an institution among America’s most respected research universities, has announced it is buying the for-profit Kaplan U
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Google y las escuelas en EEUU

How Google took over the classroom By Natasha Singer, May 13, 2017 CHICAGO — The sixth graders at Newton Bateman, a public elementary school here with a classic red brick facade, know the Google drill. In a social-science class last year, the students each grabbed a Google-powered lap
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Nueva ley de educación superior, Inglaterra

Be it enacted: The Higher Education and Research Act (2017) AUTHOR Wonkhe Ltd David Morris dgmorris295 David is Deputy Editor of Wonkhe. PUBLISHED Apr 27th 2017 Now with a bang, but with a quietly murmured “content”. The Higher Education and Research Act (2017), as of five minutes pas
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