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Transformaciones de la educación superior por Covid 19

  Covid-19 and higher education: how universities in emerging economies are responding to the crisis Education Economic News 28 Jul 2020 Universities in emerging economies are playing a key role in the response to the coronavirus crisis through cutting-edge research and development (R
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Visiones de académicos de los EEUU sobre precario futuro de la educación superior

THE CHRONICLE REVIEW On a Knife’s Edge By Maximillian Alvarez JULY 21, 2020 As the Covid-19 pandemic and economic crisis continue to converge, the future of higher education is shrouded in fear and uncertainty. While trying to manage anxieties about the potentially devastating risks t
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Six Ways COVID-19 Will Shape the Future of Education

Six Ways COVID-19 Will Shape the Future of Education JULY 22, 2020 Shelby Carvalho and Susannah Hares Follow Most of us have been living with closed schools and some version of lockdown for four months now. For all the reimagining of education in the 21st century, nobody predicted tha
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