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Francia: ¿la reforma Macron de las grandes escuelas?

Will Macron’s move against his alma mater make France’s HE system fairer? France’s president responded to the gilets jaunesmovement with a surprise plan to abolish the grande école ENA, reigniting debate about the country’s intensely hierarchical higher education system. John Morgan e
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Canadá: Agenda de política universitaria / de investigación

Honing the University Party’s Growth Agenda   September 16th, 2019 – Alex Usher It’s election season, and so everyone is trotting out promises and coming up with manifestos. These manifestos are lists of specific promised policy initiatives, but they are also – implicitly
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La economía como disciplina: encrucijadas

 The Economists’ New Clothes? With economists struggling to derive credible explanations of macroeconomic conditions from the prevailing models, those who have long criticized the discipline for its scientific pretensions are feeling vindicated. And it remains to be seen whether
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