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Ministro de Educación: Cuenta Pública 2022

Ministro de Educación presenta su Cuenta Pública Participativa: “Avanzaremos hacia un cambio de paradigma educativo” Lunes 30 de Mayo, 2022 Descargar -> Documento de Cuenta Pública 2022 El ministro de Educación, Marco Antonio Ávila, presentó este lunes la Cuenta Pública Participati
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Informe GUNi 2022 sobre la Educación Superior en el Mundo

The new GUNi Report sets out the horizons of transformation of higher education for the coming years and prepares a new vision to drive change   The 8th GUNi Report on Higher Education in the World was presented during the third UNESCO World Higher Education Conference in Barcelo
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USA: Estudiantes desconectados, no involucrados

A ‘Stunning’ Level of Student Disconnection Professors are reporting record numbers of students checked out, stressed out, and unsure of their future. By Beth McMurtrie, APRIL 5, 2022 In 20 years of teaching at Doane University, Kate Marley has never seen anything like it. Twenty to 3
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