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Perspectivas de la universidad desde Canadá

This past century, universities have proven to be nimble and entrepreneurial even while adroitly portraying themselves as guardians of tradition. (Shutterstock) Universities have thrived despite past disruptions and could grow even stronger after COVID-19 January 25, 2021 4.34pm EST T
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Alteridad, Revista de Educación (Vol. 16 N. 1): El Aprendizaje-Servicio

Sección Monográfica (Monographic Section) “El Aprendizaje-Servicio como estrategia de cooperación y formación socio educativa” “Service learning as a socio-educative strategy of cooperation and learning” El mapa de los valores del aprendizaje-servicio The service learning
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Ciencia política y política en la ciencia – a propósito de Trump y el Capitolio

A Reckoning for Political Science As a recent APSA statement faulting ‘both sides’ makes clear, the field is too worried about appearing partisan. RON HAVIV, VII, REDUX THE REVIEW By Erin R. Pineda JANUARY 14, 2021 Political scientists working within the polarized (indeed, explosive)
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