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R. Nisbet sobre los orígenes del capitalismo académico

The Prophet of Academic Doom Robert Nisbet predicted the managerialism that has brought universities low. But he also saw a way out. By Ethan Schrum OCTOBER 19, 2021 The Degradation of the Academic Dogma should be remembered for its title alone. But Robert Nisbet’s 1971 classic, in it
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El futuro del trabajo

The big idea: should we work less? A shorter working week could benefit society, the environment – even the economy. Is it time to reassess our relationship with our jobs? Sarah Jaffe Mon 11 Oct 2021 08.00 BST For the last year and a half, most people have fallen into one of thr
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Nuevo paradigma económico

A New Global Economic Consensus Oct 13, 2021MARIANA MAZZUCATO Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the deficiencies of economic deregulation and market liberalization, a new policymaking paradigm is emerging. But its success depends on concrete reforms and the creation of ne
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