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Educación temprana: comparaciones internacionales difíciles

Why it’s so hard to compare early childhood education and care across the world OECD, July 19, 2019 By Eric Charbonnier Analyst, OECD Directorate for Education and Skills There is a growing consensus across the world about the importance of quality early childhood education and care (
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Una defensa del elitismo académico en los EEUU

‘Elite Schools Are National Treasures. Their Elitism Is What Makes Them Such.’ Anthony Kronman on the ‘aristocratic ethos’ in higher education By Len Gutkin July 12, 2019  PREMIUM Don Hamerman for The Chronicle Anthony Kronman Since stepping down from his 10-year tenure as dean of Yal
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Debate sobre costo de la educación superior y gratuidad

Free exchange Terminal degrees The meaning of a debate about the cost of higher education In many ways the flood of bold, progressive policy proposals coursing across America’s political landscape began in 2015, when Bernie Sanders, an independent senator from Vermont, put a plan to m
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