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¿Por qué no la gratuidad? Una reflexión desde USA

Free Public College Is a Terrible Idea By Brian Rosenberg SEPTEMBER 13, 2019  PREMIUM Now that the race for the Democratic nomination for president is becoming more serious, it is time to take an equally serious look at the proposal for tuition-free public college that has been explic
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¿Existe el mérito y hay meritocracia?

Does meritocracy stall social mobility, entrench an undeserving elite, and undermine trust in higher education? Joan Wong for The Chronicle September 13, 2019 That seems to be the emerging bipartisan consensus. “On the evidence we have, the meritocratic ideal ends up being just as und
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Niños y jovenes fuera del colegio en el mundo

UIS Releases New Education Data and SDG 4 Indicators for 2018 School Year 13/09/2019 Focus on out-of-school children New data on the world’s out-of-school children reveal little or no progress for more than a decade, with about 258 million children, adolescents and youth out of school
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