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Condiciones de efectividad en universidades

Alex Usher, DECEMBER 02 The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Universities and Colleges   One of the problems in higher education is that there’s a whole lot of effort expended on “who’s the best” (which, as measured by most rankings, is some function of money, age, and size), and
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El Green paper sobre calidad de la docencia en Gran Bretaña

The higher education Green Paper: everything you need to know  What Fulfilling Our Potential: Teaching Excellence, Social Mobility and Student Choice means for the higher education sector November 6, 2015 By THE reporters The higher education Green Paper was published on 6 November 20
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Marco de la buena enseñanza universitaria en Inglaterra

NOVEMBER 10 An Update on England’s Teaching Excellence Framework (Ver el documento del marco y comentarios sobre el mismo en este Blog mañana lunes 16 de noviembre)   Last week, the UK Minister for Business Innovation and Skills (which is responsible for higher education) release
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